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20 Concepts of SEM (Ⅰ)



20 Concepts of SEM (Ⅰ)

1. SEM
SEM English full name is SearchEngineMarketing, means through the search engine service and product marketing. SEM is mainly divided into two kinds: SEO and PPC,Pay-Per-Click. SEO refers to the website optimization and page and let them in the search results page display, PPC refers to the user to your site through the purchase of search engine click. These clicks from the search results page in the sponsored link.

2. Title Tag
Title Tag refers to the title of a page, which is the Google search algorithm is the most important reference. In theory, the title of your page should be unique and include as many keywords as possible. You can browse the web page from the top of the browser to see the title of a web page.

3. Meta
Meta, like the title of the page, is mainly used to provide more information about the content of your page for the search engine. Meta tag is located in the head of the HTML code, there is a long eye of the visitors are not visible.

4. Sandbox
Google in addition to all site index and a single index sandbox, which is newly discovered and collection sites. When your website exists among the sand box, it will not in general search results appear, while only when Google confirmed that your site is legitimate, it will will from the sandbox removed in all sites of the index.

5. KeywordDensity
How to judge a specific page of the keyword density? The total number of words you will use a keyword can be divided by the number of pages. Keyword density past is search engine optimization is a very important factor, because the early search algorithm is very serious about this, but now the passage of time.

6. KeywordStuffing
Because early search algorithm for keyword density values, the webmaster through the use of artificial accumulation of keywords technique to cheat and deceive search engine. This technique is called keywords accumulation, of course, is not working right now, but you also might be punished.

7. Anchortext
Anchortext in the reverse link refers to a page in the text, which can be clicked, and the key words on the SEO has a lot of help, because Google will be the key words and your content.

8. Backlink
Backlink also known as the "back to the link" "into the chain" and "simple link", referring to the other sites point to your web site of a hyperlink. The reason why the reverse link is very important to SEO, because they directly affect a page of the page level (PageRank), as well as the page in the search results in the rankings.

9. PageRank
PageRank is a Goolgle used to assess the importance of a page relative to other pages of the importance of an algorithm. This algorithm rules the most basic meaning is that if the A page has a link to the B page, it can be seen as a A page in the face of the B page of a kind of trust or recommendation. So, if a page of the reverse link, and then according to the value of these links the higher the weight, the search engine will judge this page is more important, the higher the PageRank.

10. Linkbait
Linkbait is a web site or a blog for as much as possible to attract reverse link (purpose is to improve the site's PR value) and the existence of a content. Usually, these are the content of the bait, but it can also be a video, a picture, a quiz, or any other popular content. The bait most classical example is the "Top10", because such content in some social networking sites easily pop up has become a hot topic.

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