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How to Effectively Control the PPC in China



How to Effectively Control the PPC

Ⅰ. Key words
1. Choose key words to add
Industry click conversion rate is high and has a certain showing word, the word of competition in the market is relatively small, you can find this type of early word culture of PPC is relatively low, and relatively easy to develop quality score, it is useful to add keywords in later period.
2. Control the number of key words 
Focus on training word quality score, found a relatively low quality, feedback is generally inappropriate words immediately to change keywords which are tested and CI in the late period of the quality up to add key.
3. Keyword bidding strategy
In adequate budget accounts, it is recommended to the controls the relatively high bid, through this form to quick develop keywords quality and later add words, the quality of branch that less bid may be not too high compared to previous.

Ⅱ. Control the PPC from promotion mode
Outside the station traffic is relatively unbiased and accurate, but the degree of competition is relatively small, PPC is low. For most of the seller will open station outside flow test, which can pull low account for the whole of the PPC in a certain extent.

Ⅲ. Click rate
1. Highlight the selling points to seize the popular elements
fashion elements can always catch people's eye, if want to have high click rate, reflect their baby's selling point is very important, tell the buyer the reasonsto choose you;
2. Rational use hot topics
Gossip and hot topics always easy to attract us, and sometimes we can reasonably use this point to raise the click rate, but we need to pay attention to not involve a number of violations, such as violations of the situation;
3. The picture is simple, clean - - forever classic
This does not have to say anything, whether it is experience or from a number of high click rate of the situation, a simple picture of the picture is often the best click rate is the best.

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