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How to Develop A Strategy to Reduce the Cost of PPC ad Clicks in China---Part Two



How to Develop A Strategy to Reduce the Cost of PPC ad Clicks in China---Part Two

Strategy three: revenue maximization
The small and medium enterprises often take the profit maximization as the basic strategic goal to carry out the network marketing activity. In this case, our promotion plan will continue to profit, don’t need to worry about the budget.
It also forms a positive cycle of ecosystem: companies continue to in search engine to invest advertising, and make continuous improvement of their products.
Enterprises through the introduction of more sophisticated products to allow advertising that obtain a higher income, so as to achieve the rapid development of self.

In fact, even the enterprise earn a lot by promotion plan, we can not spend money just as we want. Because we are pursuing the maximization of the budget, but as far as possible to increase the proportion of income and cost, which is the maximum profit. 
As a result, we are going to bring in a lower CPA, with respect to the factors that can be accepted for the transformation and the elimination of the implemented plan. 
In this case, there are two kinds of strategies: by mining the search word report to create a negative keywords; according to the CPA level of the key words to adjust the price.

If the promotion appears to be unable to optimize the situation, and how to further gain profit? Some strategies can be adopted:
1. Focus on advantage, only bid to profitable keywords;
2. Know about the value of customer, spending more time communicating with long-term cooperation potential customers;
3. Pursuit long tail words, not the pursuit of head terms, usually the majority of advertisers do not pay attention to the brand long tail market competition. As small and medium-sized enterprises, should be put into combat for share long tail market.

In SEM's work, we often have to come up with a mixed strategy to deal with some of the difficulties in order to achieve the goal. 

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