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How to Develop A Strategy to Reduce the Cost of PPC ad Clicks in China---Part One



How to Develop A Strategy to Reduce the Cost of PPC ad Clicks in China---Part One

With the advancement of global economic integration and the rapid development and free open trade, search engine advertising become marketing strategy of enterprises that can not be overlooked, which as a high-tech advertising works.
And undoubtedly the most popular form of advertising has the height of the target cost and controllability of PPC advertising.
The show of PPC ads has no cost, only when click will produce cost. But as for the enterprise which is not familiar with the network marketing, how to control the corresponding strategy to reduce the cost per click?

In fact, reducing the cost of PPC does not require advanced algorithms, it is not only PPC management tools can complete it. Although the bid the core strategy of ever-changing, but from the point of view of our experience, reduce the cost only need three major strategies: maximizing the budget, by set-top show strengthen brand promotion and revenue maximization, you only need to choose one.

Strategy one: the maximization of budget 

1. Reduce costs: in the face of the Internet in the near infinite big show opportunity, we use the core strategy that should be to reduce the cost of a single click, so as to attract more hits. Generally speaking, we need to refine and adjust the strategy choice of words, including matching type, negative keywords, reduce the bid, and pay close attention to the average position.
2. Improve the number of clicks: if the quality of the site is good, the amount is also more impressive, but the cost is often less than the budget, you need to keep the premise of cost of click is controllable to enhance the site traffic. This can be achieved by raising the bid, expanding the key words, improving the click through rate, and optimizing the ad copy. Of course, all projects can be adjusted or improved in order to achieve the stated budget.

The two methods mentioned above are based on the maximization of the budget, we need to improve and optimize the promotion plan by observing the different indicators and dimensions. However, no matter how change the plan, it will eventually produce similar results. But in the implementation of the skill level, it will be slightly different.

Strategy two: through the top show to strengthen brand promotion
Companies want to get a high reputation and visibility, in order to create a tall on the brand image, and become the leader in the industry. Search marketing, the best position to shape the brand in the top of the search results page, the best situation is the auction and natural ranking. It usually through SEM, we can ensure that you can make it. Of course, we can also increase the chain for the website to promote the brand.

In short, neither can brand won the super show high, at the same time is also the most expensive strategy is undoubtedly PPC, although unlike the CPC that as popular marketing industry sought, but for shaping the brand strength it also make CPC unmatched.

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