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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Working Principle of Baidu PPC



A Comprehensive Analysis of the Working Principle of Baidu PPC 

Keywords planning
The first job of PPC is keywords planning, because you rely on these keywords to rank adverts and get the flow of the search engine. Preliminary we can log in Baidu background select keyword recommendation tool for keyword query.
We can analyze and select key words from competitive heat of the key words and daily search volume.

Optimize key words quality
For the optimization of the quality, the proportion of originality and click is very large, traditional bidding quality is in the second level, as long as you have enough money, you can do it first, now it is just in the second level and users click rate is high, in line with the user experience of the creative and keywords, which can get the left ranking.

Creative Writing
We can through key words of product for creative writing, the limit of creative title is 25 characters, 50 Chinese characters ,and creative description of each line is 80 characters, 40 Chinese characters. In the creative aspects, a lot of people are insisted on their own ideas, however, for Baidu creative,you’d better write around the rosy, because it can catch the user's eye easily.
For the promotion of local customers, directly through the browser keywords ranking query is more convenient, for the customers that do the jib of country promotion, and we can from Baidu background and live surveillance to query.

Baidu statistics of comprehensive monitoring
Of course, PPC cannot without Baidu statistical monitoring, Baidu statistics is a monitoring plugin, free open to the user, in the Baidu statistics we can understand the Baidu promotion data, such as keyword access, creative hits, website traffic monitoring and so on.

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