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How to do WeChat Marketing Well in China(II)



How to do WeChat Marketing Well in China(II)

5. Marketing from online to offline

Now few people mention WeChat offline interaction. From the communication effect, meeting is the method with best effect.

The significance of online and offline activities combine to face to face communication is more likely to train loyal fans.

WeChat public number has more vivid, more down to earth content, would seem to be more real, more affinity.

In addition, WeChat's natural growth of light users will be very limited, the line is also an important means to increase the activity of WeChat users.

The opponents are the best teachers

Doing WeChat marketing must keep an open mind, because the competitions are the best teachers!

To actively focus on competitors WeChat, if you pay attention to the 100 rival WeChat, there will be 100 accounts in the teach you how to do a good job in WeChat marketing.

In addition, do not be a person sitting at home to learn WeChat marketing, you can often go to some of the WeChat marketing QQ group, forum, etc., to see what we are talking about, you can learn a lot of things.

Insistance is very important

Micro channel marketing can not rely on a fresh, the spell is input and execution, insist for a long time, continue to accumulate experience in practice, user training and feelings, your goals will it be possible to achieve.

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