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Case Analysis of WeChat Marketing in China(I)



Case Analysis of WeChat Marketing in China(I)

Case 1: Durex

We are not unfamiliar to Durex.
If someone mentioned micro-blog marketing case, we can always see the Durex in case list. It seems that he should be the micro-blog marketing in a insurmountable monument.
The micro-blog brand has become an independent school opened a small auditorium, a collection of Durex week in WeChat.

The free material benefits is the most known to the majority of subscribers or Durex, December 11, 2012, Durex micro channel push the such a micro channel news:
Durex has selected ten lucky guys, each will receive a new magic gift.
There are another ten magic gift will be sent out before ten tonight!
If you are an old friend of Durex, please reply 'I want material benefits’, Durex will select 10 lucky guys from the respondents, please look forward to tomorrow's list of winners!

The activities launched just two hours, Durex received tens of thousands of "I want material benefits ".
To exchange tens of thousands of fans by the 10 box sets, what a interesting business.
WeChat’s charm of marketing activities in Durex here is deduced incisively and vividly.
After all, free material benefits can attract everyone’s attention.

Case 2: Starbucks

Replying with music in WeChat.
WeChat account released information is creative, the account will have vitality.
WeChat's function has been very much, the public amount can reply for the key words and faces.

Starbucks does marketing with music on WeChat, and stimulates your hearing directly!
To search Starbucks amount account or scan the QR code on WeChat, then the users can send pictures of different faces to express the mood at this time.
Starbucks WeChat amount, according to the different facial faces picture selection "woke up" album of music related to give a response.

Using faces to speak is just the Starbucks's selling point where the official.
But in fact, the author has not understand if the facial expression is intelligent, or artificial service?

Case 3: headline news

Of course, as a new media, WeChat also has the characteristics of the media, although Ma Huateng has been weakening of its media properties.
As a WeChat marketing has a case of the headlines, the biggest selling point is the instant push of information.
At about six pm every day, headline pushes the most important daily news.
The user subscribed WeChat can directly understand the recent events of the latest events by WeChat.
The users do not need to be screened in the mass of information.
Fixed time to push the send time during off hours to complete a day's work in on the way back home to see the day's news also can yet be regarded as a kind of relief can knowledge of current events and can relieve the road boredom.

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