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Case Analysis of Mobile Marketing in China(I)



Case Analysis of Mobile Marketing in China(I)

Mobile marketing is not only the challenge of intelligent terminal media, but also the user's behavior and the changes in the user's time to bring changes in marketing.
However, where are the advertisers? What are the requirements? How to creative and implement advertising. How are the effect? A series of problems come together.
This paper is based on the global mobile marketing service provider point into the mobile information and finishing.
In order to interpret the situation of mobile marketing in 2016 objectively and comprehensively.

Case of mobile advertising marketing in China

Customer categories:

Medical Cosmetology and Health Marketing - More Beautiful APP

Marketing environment:

In China, medical cosmetology has become a Chinese consumer hot spot after the real estate, tourism, automobile and other consumer hot spots.
How to effectively enhance the more beautiful APP brand awareness, the establishment of authority, security brand image, increase customer loyalty and so become a challenge.

Marketing objectives:

Increasing the number of users, highlighting the interactive product, culture and education habits of users, to seize the market quickly.

Promotion time:

2015 3, 4 quarter

Marketing strategy and creativity:

1. ASO optimization and optimization of the list, by way of reward, so that users search hot words, find more beautiful APP, download and install activation.
2. With the picture display advertising form, in the year-end promotions join points, recommendation explosion of a free project, at the same time, the premium channels resources Baidu Belden and market public relations means increase brand exposure, enhance the brand's authority and the security.
3. From the line to the next line, combined with marketing elements, to train users to become familiar with the more beautiful APP O2O business model, the use of more beautiful APP consulting, sharing, buying and online experience.

Optimization strategy

1. For more beautiful APP update projects and services, adjust the user positioning and advertising creative strategy.
2. In the ASO optimization, the key words of the coverage is particularly important.
3. Early on in the testing stage, through the gradual adjustment of the central point in operation, optimization of advertising time, increase the intensity of the quality control of media users.
4. Through continuous optimization, a total coverage of nearly 3000 keywords, less than 200 TOP10, greatly increased the natural new users.

Launching effect:
From the point of marketing activities to guide users and spontaneous activities, such as a series of marketing mix.

First, through the ASO optimization and optimization of the list to make more beautiful APP occupy Store App keyword search ranking TOP3, health and fitness category ranking TOP4, keyword "cosmetic" two landing hot search list;

Secondly, during the big promotion activities, through the picture show class advertising with products to do exposure, click on the conversion of up to 2%-3%;

At the same time, with the help of the channel agent resources as the flow of Baidu hundred Tong, the new 1.2W download, through the region, time and other optimized activation, the cost of maintaining stability.

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