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Top 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing in China (I)



Top 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing in China (I)

Recent years, a lot of small and medium enterprises to take the approach of online social media (micro-blog / WeChat, etc.) to carry out marketing.
Because there are some advantages of social media marketing: low cost, able to lock the target customers, strong interactivity, information feedback and others.
These are the advantages traditional marketing methods do not have. Many large enterprises have gradually trying social network marketing, hoping to obtain new breakthrough in marketing.

Due to the social media marketing doesn't rise for a long time, there is not yet been the birth of the system theory and the method.
All attempts are based on some successful experience, so the reference value has to be a good judge.
Here the author will bring 10 strategies for social media marketing network, and hope to  inspire everyone's ideas.

1. Social media is only a supporting role, not a star

Companies must be sure to clear that, there are so many advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing.
The biggest disadvantage is the uncontrollable of results.
It is possible to spend a lot of effort but finally just get nothing. So social media need coordination system of marketing management system, and often only belong to the supporting part of the system.

2.  Leveraging the social media to attract personal participation for activities

Compared with the traditional media, the biggest advantage of Internet social media is that it has a strong interaction.
According to the survey, when a person's participation in an activity is high, the person has the more profound the memory.
Traditional media are advertising from top to bottom, and taking the infusion of educational marketing approach.
It almost can be said that there is no interactivity .

3. Leveraging social media to build relationships with clients

There is a big advantage of social media network. It is the customers have the high degree of loyalty.
Traditional marketing methods can not really grasp the customers, but the network social media can obviously more easily follow up the customers.
In recent years, service is the most important part in marketing.
The using of social media can help you have the opportunity to serve customers, thus contributing to the next sale.

4. Using online social media to understand your clients

Network social media has a feature that to feed back of customer information.
The traditional marketing approach type is to output, and it is difficult to get the customer's feelings.
It needs specialized market research for the products.
While social media network can get customer feedback in marketing at the same time, even before production, which can greatly improve the enterprise market response ability.

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