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Top 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing in China (II)



Top 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing in China (II)

5. Using social media to organize competitions and other activities to improve the brand effect

Holding contests and other activities are not social media network exclusive, this type of marketing in long before the: title, charity, hosted the show and so on. So what is the advantage of the network of social media? Flexible, traditionally held activities are generally large activity, high cost and need to a large number of professional personnel support, and organized by the network of social media and online activities can very simple, promotion is also very relaxed.

6. Using the Internet social media to launch products

This trick is clearly present Internet company by hundreds of times. 
They publish the message in SNS in different stage of processing. 
Clients can see the message of product design, the message of product producing, the message of product launching... 
Anyway, the social media marketing is a approach to get people attention. Also the marketing type is low cost. 
However, this approach is used too much to get the good results. The companies need to be more clever, to find a new form of this trick.

7. Using social media to guide people's conversations

Now a large part of the social hot spots are relying on the driving force behind. 
We should notice that now people are more and more free in speaking, and to guide public opinion is more and more simple. 
Because people's opinion is very easy to discern and network conformity effect is very serious. 
Enterprises should be adopted this strategy carefully, the slightest mistake is likely to overflow, and even contrary to the moral and law.

8. Network social media should try to be visualization

This should be the development direction of B2B or B2C enterprise in the future. 
Because  these enterprises have the problem of online information distortion, consumers  will see the pictures and text information in fact are processed when they want to buy products.
In order to attract customers' interests, businessmen  will be in a certain degree to beautify the photoes of products. 
This is not fair to consumer. 
Visualization is to achieve the true and accurate reflection of enterprise information, which is the income.

9. Using social media to create products for consumers

We said that com[anies should understand the consumers by social media. 
The better level than that is to make consumers create products in social media. 
The traditional form of supply chain is the design - Product - Sales - market feedback. 
In fact, when the product enters to the market feedback, everything is over. 
If the market feedback can be put on the front, you can greatly improve the product's appeal to consumers.

10. Maximize the effectiveness of social media activities- always keep the attention to next big topic.

Social media has a phenomenon is that if there is a long-term silience, the enthusiasm of the audience will be cooled down soon. 
It requires persevere to carry out activities to enhance the bond with the consumer. 
There are a lot of social media seems to be a large number of fans, but no long-term activities, fans are the zombie fans. 
In fact, the value of the social with no activities is heavy discounted.

Social media network for the enterprise marketing has many advantages. 
And it also needs to be more professional and harder to operated. 
This is enterprises' fine management of a kind of embodiment, the future may appear fine marketing might also, enterprises can not need to invest a lot of effort on the research of new forms of communication, but be sure to understand the development trend of marketing in the future.

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