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The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China (I)



The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China  (I)

Despite the great potential of social media, but how should companies develop effective online strategies to close and attract consumers?
To use social media to marketing, we must change the original thinking.
The original approach is to focus on the consumer's one-way publicity, and these social media is to encourage the dialogue between the two sides, to encourage consumers to provide feedback on the brand.
Moreover, these social media promote the communication between consumers, enterprises can also be more in-depth understanding of the consumer response to their products.

How to do a good job in social media marketing? The author believes that enterprises should follow the following basic principles in the use of social media marketing:

1. Social marketing is not an independent channel can support the corporate brand, but a means of aid and assistance.

In fact, social media marketing is the enterprises empower to consumers.
Consumer online conversation plays an important influence on an enterprise's brand equity, either in the positive or negative way.
But if there is bad news, the situation will be very dangerous.
Overall, social media marketing has the following disadvantages:

a. It’s not easy to be controlled.
Once a virus come into the social media, very ticklish is to control the development direction, speed, and the results.
More people easily make excessive spoof we implanted virus becomes a weapon of brand damage, which is often the brand customers want to see results.
Blog, micro-blog, video website, Twitter, Myspace, and SNS, the most valuable tools reflect  the value of influence and reputation.
Since the interaction has two sides, positive interaction can enhance the brand value, but negative interaction can only reduce brand value. How to guide the positive interaction and control the negative interaction is the eternal topic of social media marketing.
It is difficult to achieve perfection for general companies, even well-known enterprises will inevitably have mistakes.

b. Difficult to detect.
Any putting of advertisement or public relations need the result data available to the customers.
But from the date provided by social media, there are only a reprint volume, volume of comments, search volume. How is it quality?
What is the effect?
How is the reputation?
They are all difficult to monitor and conclusive.

c. Easy to cheat. Social media marketing, the fraud phenomenon of clicking volume and comments has become an indisputable fact. So even when customers look at data or conscious discount. That means the authenticity and effectiveness of social media marketing has been greatly reduced.

Therefore, the existence of the above drawbacks determines the enterprise can not take social media as the only channel of brand shaping. It is not a independent brand building channel for the enterprise, just a aid and assistance.

2. Network marketing activities, easy to participate is the most important.

When companies design the network marketing activities, the ideas, content and communication must be creative, and also to be simple and easy to participate.
Designing a good activity requires a careful analysis of your business objectives and target audience behavior in advance.
And the way to communicate information must be simple, efficient and funny.

Scan digital(a network scan pictures and video digital services agency) want to establish a fans group, and drive the users to interact via Facebook.
They do a simple game with the users, it is to send two slightly different photos every day.
The users point out the differences, and the winner will get a $25 gift card of Scan Digital.

Improving customer loyalty through customer participation in product design.
Vitamin water, a beverage company want to launch a new product, they identified their own audience, established the brand expert group, then, expanded the activity in social media.
The 2009 summer, vitamin Water in interaction with the user, allowing users to provide ideas about brand name and product packaging.
In this game, nearly ten thousand fans participation, and some of the celebrities are also more interested in improving the user's interest, and ultimately when the "connect" this new product on the shelves, there have been thousands of potential buyers.

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