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FAQ about Chinese Baidu SEO



FAQ about Chinese Baidu SEO

1. How to accelerate to update my site?
You need to work hard, updating the site every day, and also need more original articles, or there is a little difficulty. That is, Baidu update the news source quickly, the articles are included within 20 minutes.

2. Why the original information of webmaster is reproduced by others, and their information at the top list?
There are many factors measure natural ranking, the common are: web page evaluation or weight, the depth of the web address, an external link to the web page, the impact of Web site in search engine, internal links of web pages, the rationality of the title, description of the appropriate, reasonable distribution of the key words, the readability of content quality, the embodiment of the user experience. If every job can be done well, your website can go beyond the other sites.

3. Why the collection of website have a sudden drop in the past few days?
This is normal in a short time, the search engine included the information, and part of information is in a fixed garage, after a period of time of precipitation, unimportant or bad quality information will be removed. Observing a period of time later, if it continue to decline or suddenly disappear, this is not normal, you need to check to see if there is cheating in the station, whether it is joint punishment, or be intervened.

4. What effect of many domain name on the site?
It belongs to cheating that the same site using multiple domain name, multi domain name can improve the amount of collection in the short term, but it will cause the problems of weight, supplementary materials, repeat page. You are proposed to retain only one, and others can do 301 redirection.

5. The other stations with the same IP are removed by Baidu, am i implicated?
The same IP site and others be punished, but your site may be not punished, if the IP of the station cheating badly, or content is not in line with the search engine included standard, then the IP maybe prohibited by the search engine.

6. How to quickly add external links?
Their are two fastest ways: spending money and flexible language. But do not ignore the quality of links.

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