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9 Methods to Find out the SEM Keywords of Chinese Baidu

9 Methods to Find out the SEM Keywords of Chinese Baidu Now, SEM bidding is becoming the first choice for most companies network promotion. SEM bidding makes a difference fast, and leads high income fast. The competition is also intense. Co…


2016 Chinese SEM Strategy of Keywords Optimization

2016 Chinese SEM Strategy of Keywords Optimization For the late optimization of the keywords, the following 4 points are important, 1. To find out the key words with the bad performance, and adjust them . a. The key words with bad performan…


The Features of Chinese SEM

The Features of Chinese SEM The advantages of SEM 1. Effective immediately To pulish advertisements on search engine, the improving of the site keywords ranking and growth of website flow can be achieved within a few minutes. 2. Easier to t…


Four Detailed Strategies Integration of SEO and SEM

We know that the price of SEM Search promotion is higher than the WebUnion, we can optimize some websites that with advertising alliance on the Baidu home page. When users click in, except looking you released advertising, they also see the…

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      Compass foreign business service center (Abbrev. Compass) is a comprehensive agency that can provide one-stop service for foreign businessmen from around the world. It’s the professional agency that get the permission to establish by Chinese government. Compass provides one-stop agency services for foreign businessmen in China- investment, purchasing, joining electronic commerce platform and marketing.
      Compass will help the foreign businessmen’ to do their business operations in China easier. The professional teams that consisted of different realm experts will greatly shorten the time in different steps, reduce the business costs, and the business risk in the investment project in China.

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    Intellectual Property Protection Agency(Marketing in China) Offline advertising agency in China(Marketing in China) Business Center Service(Marketing in China) Exhibition Agency in China(Marketing in China) The operation agent of online store(E-commerce in China) Chinese Website planning and designing(E-commerce in China) the agent for bidding advertisement of search engine(E-commerce in China) SEO Agency (E-commerce in China) Banner advertising agency(E-commerce in China) Establish foreign joint ventures in China(Investment in China) Establish wholly foreign owned enterprise in china(Investment in China) Supplier audit(Purchasing in China) Purchase agency services(Purchasing in China)

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