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The Case Analysis of SEM Marketing- BMW



The Case Analysis of SEM Marketing- BMW

Case 1: BMW - To achieve the brand coverage of the localization according to IP address display search results

BMW accept the radical launch strategy as search marketing strategy in the United States.
It’s to place all products’ name in the first position of search results. And based on this, to detailed study the combinations of keywords that may appeared in the users query.
To buy the various permutations and combinations of keywords will be related to the product name, and to make the ranking of search results also in the first place.

In addition, BMW cooperates with the search operators sincerely.
Using the function, points IP of search engine displays the keywords advertising, to unite the dealers distributed in the different cities of United States, to do the local market brand precision spreading.
After the users input the name of BMW products, the official website of the United States BMW will be in the first place of i of the results list. The second place of the results list will be the local dealer's website.
It means, if the user's IP is from Seattle, the second result is the dealer site in Seattle.

The pioneering work of BMW, firstly, reaches the large area of brand coverage.
All products of BMW are ranked first in the search results, to establish a good brand image in the minds of users.
Secondly, achieved the subdivision of the brand coverage. according to the user belongs to the region to provide targeted results, to bring clues to the dealer's sales.
Finally, BMW does the joint  search marketing with the dealers.
BMW's overall brand imagine has been a high degree of unity, while saving the dealer conflicts brings high advertising budget.

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