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Case Analysis of SEM Marketing - European Cup



Case Analysis of SEM Marketing -  European Cup

The European Cup - highlighting the official color, to achieve a double promotion of brand spreading and public relations’ reception

The European Cup, actively carry out search marketing practice.
Keywords SEM marketing will be related to the European Cup and the natural search results lead to UEFA's official website.
At the same time, in the list of links on the right side of the sponsors, the host country government website listed in the first place. The spread of European Cup held in the local customs and practices to the world.

SEM marketing is also reflected in the right side of the sponsor of the official website of the official website of the official website.
This approach reduces the behavior of playing the market,  ticket scalpers can not use the network speculation space easily, and safeguard public interests.

European Cup SEM marketers will be the most authoritative and most accurate information, in the most prominent position presented to the audience, in front of the audience established professional and authoritative brand image, and through the European Cup is an event, spread the image of the host country, a good public relations effect.

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Case Analysis of SEM Marketing - European Cup

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