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    The medicinal garlic and health products processing project of Hongtai Freezing & Storing Co., Ltd. of Jinxiang County

    I Name of the project
    The medicinal garlic and health products processing project of Hongtai Freezing & Storing Co., Ltd. of Jinxiang County
    II Introduction to the project unit
    Established in April 1997, Hongtai Freezing & Storing Co., Ltd. of Jinxiang County has always been engaged in high-tech research and development of deep processing of garlic, and has 36 professional and technical personnel. The company makes a joint research with Northwest A & F University on the science and technology project of garlic deep processing, and the developed concentrated allicin has obtained "National Spark Program Project" and the "Tenth Five-year major national scientific and technological project". On this basis, the company makes another joint research with China Agricultural University on the comprehensive utilization technology project of garlic clean processing. The fermented black garlic and extension products produced by self-developed new technologies and new processes are widely used in medicine, health care, leisure food and other fields.
    III Project content and scale of the construction
    Take the abundant local garlic in Jinxiang as raw materials, adopt advanced extraction and purification and other processes to develop garlic capsules, garlic oil capsules and other high value-added new health products. Employ supercritical CO2 fluid extraction technique, molecular imprinting technique, ion exchange technique, membrane separation technique, and other methods for separation and purification to manufacture pharmaceutical grade garlic allicin injection, pharmaceutical grade garlic allicin tablets, pharmaceutical grade garlic polysaccharide, pharmaceutical garlic allicin capsules, pharmaceutical enteric-coated gelatin pearls, garlic enteric-coated tablets, allicin, alliin sustained-release preparation, controlled release preparation, garlic ajoene targeting preparation and other new pharmaceutical garlic products.
    IV Construction conditions of the project
    The total sulfur content of Jinxiang garlic is higher in domestic garlic, especially diallyl monosulfide with cancer preventing and treating effect accounts for 4.63% of the total sulfur content, and allyl methyl disulfide accounts for 4.24%, twice that of other areas. As biological medicinal materials, the garlic has high deep development and utilization value.
    V Total investment of the project
    $ 120 million
    VI Market and economic benefit analysis and forecast
    After the completion and operation of all projects, the annual sales revenue in amount of 3.6 billion Yuan, profits and taxes in amount of 420 million Yuan will be realized, and the payback period is 3 years.
    VII Ways of cooperation
    Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation
    VIII Contact information
    Contact address: West section of Jinyuan Road, Jinxiang County, Shandong
    Contact person: Song Hua
    Post code: 272400

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