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History, Cultural and Customs in Heilongjiang Province of China



History, Cultural and Customs in Heilongjiang Province of China

History Evolution
Heilongjiang Province is the most northeastern province in China with a long history. After the victory of war against the invading Japanese in 1945, the original five provinces of Heilongjiang, Nenjiang, Songjiang, Hejiang and Mudanjiang were merged into Heilongjiang Province and Songjiang Province. The two were merged into Heilongjiang
Province in 1954 and Harbin became the provincial capital.
Heilongjiang Province has 10 ethnic groups: Man, Korea, Hui, Mongolia, the Daur, Xibo, Olunchun, Hezhe, Ewenke, and Kirgiz. In history, they have made great contributions to the intergration of different ethnic groups and the development and territory security of China. After the founding of People’s Republic of China,Heilongjiang Province was gradually built into an important base of foodstuff, coal, petroleum, forestry and machinery industry. Especially since its reform and opening-up, the frontiers have been turned into open belts and frontier trade has made great progress. The economy of the whole province has also undergone rapid growth.
Culture and Customs
Heilongjiang is a frontier province with multiple ethnic groups living in concentrated communities. There are varied and colorful customs. The Hezhe, Olunchun, the Daur, the Kirgiz have the simplest ethnic flavor and they are pure and honest. The Man, Chaoxian, Moggol and the Hui ethnic groups also all have their characteristics, full of temperament and interest. The main characteristics of each ethnic group are briefly introduced as follows:
The people of the Hezhen ethnic group have distinctive “fishing” culture. People of the Hezhe ethnic group have excellent fishing artifice under icy water and the traditional fork-fishing skill, and they use fish skin to tailor various
clothes and ornaments.What’s more, fish killing, fish shavings and “Talaha” are extraordinary delicious food with ethnic characteristics. The people of the Olunchun ethnic group are skillful in cavalry and good at shooting and living in primitive hunting trip life-style. There is a legend about ethnic group migration of the Kirgiz people and also the custom of enshrining and worshiping Naga. The Daur ethnic group has “Lele cart”, “loading tobacco gift” and
“striking cowry broad”. The Man ethnic group and Moggol ethnic group have their respective characteristic tradition folk custom and national clothes and ornaments with unique charm, etc.

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