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What is The Prospect of AR Outdoor Advertising?



What is The Prospect of AR Outdoor Advertising?

Digital outdoor media has become the fastest growing area of outdoor media business. The development of digital technology provides the technical support for the digital transformation of the outdoor media. The development of digital technology and the audience of digital media exposure habits change, the outdoor media digital transition is possible and necessary. The audience has entered an era of pictures, a significant feature of this era is shallow reading, entertainment, interactive participation. Compared to the traditional outdoor advertising big names, digital outdoor media have more interactive creative space. Digital outdoor media big data applications also makes outdoor advertising can be more accurate and flexible.
The digital transformation of outdoor media includes two meanings: one is thinking of digital outdoor media company; two is the practice of outdoor media digital transition.
From the perspective of digital thinking, all outdoor media companies in the digital age need establish a digital thinking, active use of digital technology to better advertising to provide scientific solutions; medium and digital transformation point of view or new technology into the traditional outdoor media, or is the development and application of digital outdoor media, such as touch screen human-computer interaction techniques in the taxi large area popularization, AR, LBS, QR, application of new technology in the field of outdoor media gives outdoor advertising the new energy and industrial opportunities.
The development of digital outdoor media, outdoor media companies to provide research, monitoring and evaluation of the effect of more scientific advertising effectiveness monitoring. At the same time, also does not require all digital outdoor media, traditional outdoor big still have space for the development of creative excellence in advertising and creative media is still the key to produce the effect of outdoor media.

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