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The Future of Outdoor Advertising: No Data, No Transaction



The Future of Outdoor Advertising: No Data, No Transaction
When it comes to outdoor advertising, maybe we should jump out the outdoor look outside the outdoors, to see it more clearly and more long-term. Transformation and upgrading of the outdoor advertising industry, need to rely on their own continuous innovation and change, with strength and thinking outside the industry to change. Only out of the traditional thinking of the inertia of the industry, in order to put such data, integration, supervision and other issues to a complete solution.

Dickens said 100 years ago, "this is the best time, this is the worst of times" in the outdoor advertising industry is particularly appropriate. Bad is the market of traditional media extrusion in the continuous from the Internet, the impact of a day greater than a day, let many traditional companies feel like living in the "winter" is not the end of the interminable, but fortunately the boundaries between industry and industry now is becoming increasingly blurred, the Internet is a subversion is also a shares to ignore force. Such as Alibaba of traditional retail caused huge impact, as well as Google originally only by doubleclick for the site to provide advertising broadcasting service, but now the combination point toward the traditional media, and so on. So, there is no possibility of the same from the power of the Internet in the future will be an outdoor advertising industry to subvert it?
In fact, the industry has already reached a consensus, the future development trend of the outdoor advertising industry, is the combination of data and media transactions more closely. "No data, no transaction is not an empty word, but a prophecy. Media owners will be its own media put on the platform display, customers in the platform to browse media, then media with the first party and third-party data together, directly on the platform of media purchase and delivery, the outdoor advertising content and user information, offline behavior, geographical location and scene data precise matching. This also means that a greater amount of data, more honest and transparent transactions, more in-depth cooperation will be the influx of outdoor advertising industry.
To establish the play huge real-time dynamic data cloud system, make the outdoor media industry information flow, capital flow even logistics to the data platform of gathering and through the science media business intelligence analysis, program delivery management, data mining depth, accurate delivery planning and real-time data monitoring, and other means, to achieve more accurate for outdoor advertising planning and creative and more accurate outdoor media portfolio invested, the era of big data realization of outdoor advertising.
In the future, we also look forward to more fresh blood into the outdoor advertising and the old and new industries, so that the hope of the industry will be more and more.

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