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Outdoor Advertising How To Attract The Attention of The Audience Effectively?



Outdoor Advertising How To Attract The Attention of The Audience Effectively?
In the face of many enterprises in the promotion of products, outdoor advertising as the preferred released one of the media, in the face of the irresistible force of outdoor advertising development momentum, we must understand, the outdoor advertising industry, competition will be more intense, one side is an array of billboards, the other side is a busy bustling crowd, how many people will take the initiative to appreciate?
The focus of the competition, outdoor advertising, advertising effect from the point of view, is to compete for people's attention".
In recent years, the development prospect of the outdoor advertising value, outdoor media has become a brand promotion platform including cars, wine, clothing, FMCG, financial, telecommunications, real estate and other industries. In major cities also have different forms of outdoor billboards. It is in such a fierce competition, to attract the attention of the audience to become the inevitable requirement of the brand.
To attract the attention of the audience, the key is "new" and "strange"".
First to say "odd". General brand in the outdoor advertising when there are two main purposes, one is to establish a brand image, one is to improve sales (in fact, both are ultimately in order to improve the rate of return on investment). Some advertisements main in the pursuit of price, set media image, put on the layout strategy, picture to disregard, advertising is submerged in the vast army of outdoor media, not worth the candle. So, since it is to attract the attention of the audience, be certain to give up, have a choice. In the media, a large area of media certainly better than the small size of the media is more eye-catching. Outdoor media itself is a kind of space of strong media, outdoor advertising is put to complement the indoor outdoor space of the media, caused the attention of consumers. This instant attention to the media needs a large area, large visual impact, and enhance the effectiveness of the media.
Large area billboards:

Small area billboards:

In the picture, the presentation of information is a special skill. Some advertisers are afraid to waste layout, put useless information on the billboard. Just imagine, outdoor media, originally from the consumer line of sight far. If a full page of text, the audience watch the desire will be very small. This point in the newspaper's promotional layout can be tested, if not a particular interest, I believe that many people will skip. So the picture of outdoor advertising should be concise, words as little as possible.
Put in the layout, must try to choose a checkpoint bit put. For example, high-speed toll stations, service area, interoperability, near urban areas in the gold district, traffic roads, professional market. Points are more likely to intercept the audience's attention, to attract the audience's attention. In addition, the performance of the media, the use of a number of special, licensing, and even brand, with the regular delivery of the form of separation, the effect is good.
Say "new". Popular saying is the use of creativity and new technology.
Focus on creativity is more emphasis on the various types of advertising, the major creative game can be proved. Novel creative can make people saw the advertisement in the smile, suddenly or touch the heart with a deep emotions, of advertising have deep memory.
On the other hand, it is the innovation of the form of outdoor media. For example, the latest trend - multi screen linkage. Now many businesses are using the two-dimensional code, the outdoor media, television, newspapers and mobile phones, mobile terminal, PC terminal connection. Multi screen linkage can not only increase the outdoor media itself to spread the fun, convenient for large data collection and subsequent media monitoring and evaluation etc..
Multi sensory attraction. The outdoor media itself is biased in the static state of communication (LED is dynamic). As a combination of visual and auditory TV to occupy the dominant position of media examples, if the outdoor advertising can "vision, hearing, smell, touch and other various senses combined form a complementary communication, will be able to broaden the consumer receiving information channel, but also allow consumers note, interests, hobbies and deep memory.

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