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Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅲ)



Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅲ)
From the nature of video advertising can be divided into short video ads, live video ads, conventional video ads.

1.Short video ads
Common social media such as social video advertising, news media streaming video ads, etc., in the form of video from the media to maximize the bonus. Among them, around the user interest and user characteristics to meet the user's video ads in the social platform will get more exposure, will enhance the user's participation. Data show that 50% users each week at least see a short video, 64% of users will buy video marketing products, 80% of online users will be watching the video, only 20% see video presentation, a short video will bring high out of the picture 3 times the flow. 
Therefore, to recommend short video ads: 
a. The use of high-definition pictures and production equipment; 
b. Preferably in about 2 minutes; 
c. The end of the video has a better slogan; 
d. Put logo in the video or at the end.
2. Live video ads
In the live video advertising, insert to implant, native form to be present, such as live video platform reflected off, small coffee show etc., mainly by means of star effect brought about huge explosive power and influence. But also there is no lack of in stream video ads in the common forms of advertising, such as insertion type video ads, before the placement of video ads, pause video advertising etc.. Because the native advertising essence lies in the user experience and the spread of brand integration, at the same time with the in content bearing rich and more creative space, are more likely to attract the user's attention in the form of video, enable the brand to better to the user for in-depth and personalized interaction, achieve the purpose of marketing communication in a subtle way.
3. Conventional video advertising
Conventional video advertising is the more common form of video advertising, such as mobile video advertising, video advertising, PC video advertising, outdoor video advertising, etc.. Data show that in 2015, China's online video advertising market size of 23 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 52.7%. Online video advertising market has entered a stable growth period, in 2016 and the next few years, China's online video industry advertising market size will continue to grow steadily, but the growth rate will have a slight slowdown. In the trend of global mobile video, mobile advertising will become the main driving force of the digital video advertising market.

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Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅱ)

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