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Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅱ)



Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅱ)
From the carrier of video advertising, video advertising can be divided into television, mobile video ads, PC video ads, outdoor video ads, cross screen video ads and VR video ads.

1. Television and video advertising
TV video advertising makes the marketing staff through the user's data and behavior analysis, through the TV to complete the matching of the user's video marketing.
2. PC video ads
PC video advertising relative to mobile video advertising, its carrier in PC, mainly through the Internet in the PC using digital, HTML5 and other technologies, the integration of video, audio, video and animation and other means, showing advertising content. Common in the brand's official website of video image display and video sites before the patch, suspension and commercials, which is mainly used in open transition or spots.
3. Outdoor video ads 
Common outdoor video advertising such as video of the airport, building video, bus TV, outdoor LED, theater placement advertising to the audience's visual, auditory produce multiple effects, more conducive to brand information expression and is superior to the traditional outdoor advertising. But at the same time, because the user is difficult to spend a lot of time to watch outdoor video advertising, so the need for a limited time to complete the transmission of advertising needs, the creative performance of the video also have higher requirements.
4. Cross screen video ads
Through connected to the user's page, social networks, mobile devices, TV carrier to collect user behavior data and location data, the appropriate advertising content in the right place at the right time to push the gift with the right of the user to achieve the moving process of the "Scene" marketing. This form increases the precision of the advertising exposure, reduce advertising waste, can better improve the user's impression of the brand and promote the consumer's consumer behavior.
5. VR video ads
VR video ads. Through to VR360 degree panorama of story telling, integrates the advertisement into the, build a interactive, active experience, instead of the traditional passive viewing video or pictures or text, which is nowadays one of the most popular VR video advertising the.

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Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅰ)

Ten Types of Digital Video Advertising In China (Ⅲ)

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