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How To Play The Maximum Value of Video Advertising



How To Play The Maximum Value of Video Advertising

Video marketing for the shopping site to improve the sales of 64%, the average user will see at least 49 minutes 16 seconds of video advertising every month. In order to make the digital video advertising to obtain the biggest advertising effect, and improve the conversion rate and retention rate, which have to know, have to use the little tricks?

1. Investing in higher quality video products;

2. Video content to meet the needs of the audience and interest points, but also to pay attention to the fitness of the equipment problems;

3. Collect, make good use of user data, especially for the collection of mobile user data, to ensure the "accurate" delivery;

4. Pay attention to keep the exposure, improve the conversion rate;

5. Establish advanced video sharing, video channel distribution and location of the location of the function;

6. Establish and collect the relevant contents about the user data and the conversion rate in your analysis platform, and relevant information for its own development goals according to the communication;

7. The beginning and the end of the video advertisement show a great appeal;

8. Excellent video ads are not subject to a sound limit;

9. The video ad before three seconds must show a compelling content and image.

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