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For marketers, What Does CES2016 Mean?



For marketers, What Does CES2016 Mean?
"Ten years ago, when you came to Las Vegas, you can see the new technology that people use in the distant future. And now, what you see is likely next year at best buy on sale. Looks very small change, it is very different for the marketing staff." PHD's chief investment officer Atkinson Craig Craig Atkinson commented that the end of the CES.
This session of CES, from January 6th to 9, a total of 3600 exhibitors here to display the latest technology products. And as a marketing staff, but also need to pay attention to, is the following six hot technology trends:
1. VR

In Oculus with its 360 degrees no dead video to win the eyes of the marketing people, Samsung, Google and other companies to low-cost strategy, so that VR popular open. MediaVest digital person in charge Carrie Seifer believes that in the consumer, content manufacturers and hardware manufacturers sought after VR technology, the brand will follow.
In fact, MediaSpike has used Rift Oculus to demonstrate their VR advertising. Because in the VR content, the user is not a frame of a frame to see the picture, but the entire scene, everywhere may implant advertising, will not take the initiative to interrupt the user, but also to do a 360 degree panoramic view.
2. UAV

It is said that GoPro is also going to make its own UAV brand. The current CES, 2300 square meters of the booth area is zoned to the flight equipment, an increase of 200% over last year. For marketers, the UAV is more advertising carrier, or a tool to shoot advertising.
Hoovy is a UAV advertising company, the use of drones hanging advertising cloth, flying in the event venue etc.. Founded less than two years of another UAV advertising company DroneCast, customers including SONY and and Biuster's Dave entertainment company. Although the size of the UAV to limit the size of the carrier, but due to the carrier itself is quite novel, or to receive a lot of attention.
More advertising companies, tend to use drones to shoot advertising, or play an important role in advertising. This is far away from the car prices and the two major brands.
3. Wearable Device

This year, almost 40 exhibitors to join the CES, mainly concentrated in the health field. And Fitbit this product is hoping to prove that it is not only the role of measuring your pace. And India's Software Tecsol wants to be further, they have envisioned a wearable device on the ad. In Tecsol envisaged, the user walking the streets in the screen display nearby coffee shops, or in user appointment before pop weather forecast.
This is just a variant of the display class ads, if you can not wear devices for the display of the panel, do not have to worry about. Marketing people can collect a large number of data related to the user and health, activities and location of wearable devices, to provide support for customers to publish targeted advertising.
4. Smart home
Some are able to connect to the WiFi home appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, home security equipment, prices are falling, and the level of intelligence in the rise. For example, Samsung launched a smart refrigerator, and MasterCard connection, so that users can shop at home. There are data that 45% of Americans consider to buy a smart home products.
5. Smart TV
A very contradictory phenomenon: to give up the phenomenon of traditional TV is constantly increasing, many marketers are looking for new changes in TV products. As Malmad said, "TV is the center of the home entertainment experience." This year, 8K HD TV arc screen from Samsung, LG and other brands is the focus. Of course, more attractive to advertisers is a smart TV advertising system. No matter we see what channel, or video on demand delivery to smart TV advertising will not be fixed, but is decided by the content of the play and our preferences.
6. 3D print
3D printers have gradually become the mainstream, Zappos and other electronic business website in an attempt to use 3D printers to produce products, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. This year's CES, ushered in the 65 3D printing exhibitors. Is expected in the near future, 3D printing will replace the traditional print, such as print out a three-dimensional figure of the print ads, stunning the audience's eyes.

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