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Facebook Executives Interpret Financial Newspaper, China's Advertisers to Promote the Asia Pacific Revenue Increase



Facebook Executives Interpret Financial Newspaper, China's Advertisers to Promote the Asia Pacific Revenue Increase
Beijing time April 28th morning news, Facebook today released the 2016 fiscal year ended March 31st first quarter earnings without the audit. The report shows that Facebook first quarter revenue of $52%, compared with the same period last year, $; net profit of $1. 1 billion, an increase of 195% over last year's net profit of $1. Not included in the intangible assets amortization expenditure, equity rewards defray and related payroll tax expenses and income tax adjustment (not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States), net profit in the first quarter of Facebook for 22.29 million, than the same period last year $11.89 billion increase of 87%.

After the earnings release, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), COO Sheryl, Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Weiner (Dave Wehner) in the then held a conference call with analysts, earnings interpreted points and answer questions from analysts.
The following is the main content of the question and answer session:
UBS analyst: can you tell me about the Messenger platform, including Facebook, Instagram and Facebook, for small and medium business opportunities? In the small and medium enterprises to attract advertisers, Facebook, what are the challenges you have, how do you provide advertising effectiveness measurement tools for these small and medium enterprises advertisers?
Sandberg: we think Facebook has a natural advantage in attracting small and medium enterprises, for the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, online marketing is a very expensive thing. Take the United States, even the world's most developed market, 35% of the small and medium enterprises even the web site is not, and the establishment of a mobile application, so that people find and download your application, it is more expensive.
So these SMEs will generally choose to Facebook to find their mobile solutions, because they most already Facebook users, so we in attracting them to the mobile terminal is very efficient. Last year we announced Facebook has more than 50 million monthly active small and medium-sized enterprises, 80% of which has been developed to the mobile terminal, we then helped them understand and use Facebook free advertising products, then paid advertising products, this quarter, Facebook has 300 million active advertisers, instagram has 20 million.
It is interesting that these small and medium enterprises in the marketing ability is no less than big brands, last month, more than 200 small and medium enterprises in the Facebook released a video, which has some of the natural content of the pay.
Measure results, you ask the question is very important, because we not only want to attract them to the Facebook platform access to consumers, but also let them capable of measuring the advertisement of real effect, so we in the advertising products have joined the effect measurement tool, if you buy an advertisement, SMEs will have a very simple interface, can decide their advertising purposes, such as monitor sales, let users click on its website and allow users to download the application, these selected our tool can measure these data.
We have very broad customer base in this area, they are also very active, and we have been trying to simplified products, help small and medium-sized enterprises to better use them, so overall I on the company's small and medium-sized enterprise advertising business is very promising.
Morgan Stanley analyst: I would like to know how you intend to Messenger user behavior from personal communication to work use? How do you ensure that users know the various functions of the Messenger platform?
Zuckerberg: we build the ecological system, at the beginning is as a person on the user interface to develop. It is usually users to their friends or groups and even the flow of information to send information, prior to this, updating the state of user, and check to see their friends and people who care about the dynamic.
Next step is based on public information to create natural user activities, such as enterprise, star and so easy to attract attention, we create Facebook itself and news flow product page is such a development process in. Now we in this attempt of the messenger and the new ways, one is to chat robot, it can reduce user waiting time to respond.
So, we have done some research in this area, a lot of people landing Facebook every day is already in the work, reply to consumer information, etc.. We found the company in artificial intelligence research, we can find businesses to users the most common problems answer, then you can use chat robot to assist them, this, as we expected, is very popular with users of welcome.

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