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Analysis of the consumption habits of 140 million post-90s of China



 Analysis of the consumption habits of 140 million post-90s of China

1.Post 1995 generation rarely play WeChat. 98% of WeChat users are adults.

While in the QQ community, 10-29 year old users accounted for 80%.
WeChat's game function is less than QQ, and based on the circle of acquaintances.
For the post 1995 generation ,who like to play game and don’t have the large circle of acquaintances,the attraction of WeChat is weaker than the QQ several levels.
QQ become a paradise for children,when the adults are obsessed with WeChat, micro-blog.
2 In the daily shopping    
77.3% of post-90s will pay attention to whether they like it or not.
40.5% of post -90s will focus on the price.
31.9% of post -90s will be affected by the influence of friends.
 After 90 is a relatively independent group.
 From their own personal preferences as a starting point for shopping. 
Advertising promotion, shopping guide information and other external factors have a relatively small impact on them.
3.30.5% of after 90 think that they are very indoorsy.
 The most favorite leisure entertainment way of post-90s is surfing on the internet,accounted for 62%.
The top three self evaluation of after 90 is independence and struggle.
4 After 90 boys are more willing to buy clothing and shoes on Tmall than girls. 
In Tmall,Purchasing preferences of men's cloth is 49%, purchase preference of women’s cloth is 35%; 
Purchasing preferences of men's shoes is 40%, 31% for women's shoes.
The Post -90s group in China is 14million , accounting for 11.7% of the total population of the country.
Monthly consumption of online shopping forpost-90s is 24billion RMB , most of which flow to Taobao.
5.54.9% of post-90s worship of the business elite.
 The leader and the great man followed by 31.2%. 
In the business elite,the prestige of Jack Ma is highest, accounted for 75.3%, 
Bill Gates is 61.3%, 
Ma Huateng is 41%.
Generally think that after 90 is starchaser .but entertainment star accounted for 24.4%,only rank on the 4th.
 The business, political elite is greatly sought after by post-90s.
6.The most eager thing of post-90s is traveling.
The post-90s on working is the most urgent group ,up to 50.9%, 
The desire of traveling for the student group is 44.5%
"The world is so big, I want to see",the traveling of after 90l does not pay attention to eat, live, but they more focus on understand the local life, increase the experience and widen their knowledge.
In recent years,Budget travelers and donkey line have sought after by post-90s.
7.The post- 90 youth groups will focus on entertainment news, up to 56.1%.
It accounted for highest proportion of the news in the field. 
99.1% of the post-90s will focus on multimedia.
81.9% will be concerned about social media.
 71.5% will focus on the game.
8. For 28.9% of Post-90s ,the use of instant messaging software is for leisure and entertainment.
Entertainment needs is only after the communication needs.
9.74.1% of Post-90s will be add strangers as friends in instant messaging software, while 25.9% will not.
Overall, most of post-90s do not reject strangers.
They willing to use instant messaging tools to expand their circle of friends, to make more friends with them.
10.In the post-90s, 83.5% of post-90s said they do not care about overtime. 
When looking for a job, the concern of working hour is only 1.4%, the social status is only 1.9%.
Ranked in the top three of the impact of factors is as followed:
Salary, development prospects, interest and hobbies.

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