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Market Status and Development Trend of Electronic Computer Industry of China in 2016 (II)

The boom of software industry is relatively high. It is expected that technology can drive the development of software industry.…


Market Status and Development Trend of Electronic Computer Industry of China in 2016 (I)

Hardware industry continues to slump. It is difficult to rebound in a short term.…


Analysis on the Market Situation of Chinese Cosmetic Industry

In 2013, the total consumption of Chinese cosmetics breakthrough 330 billion RMB. The growth rate remained above 20%, The main consumers of Chinese cosmetics consumption will remain compound annual growth rate of 10-15% in the next 5 years…


The Development Trend of Potato Industry In China

Potato as a staple food to be developed in China. It’ll increase to100 million acres in 2020.…


The Rapid Growth of the Nuclear Power Industry in China

Nuclear power is clean, E-friendly and high economic efficiency. Although the initial investment of nuclear power plants is higher than that of conventional thermal power station, but the total generating cost of nuclear power plants is lo…


Prohibited Articles in the Logistics and Transportation Industry of China

China has strict control on the transport of special goods. As an international merchants, we should understand the corresponding laws and regulations, when we are in cross-border transactions . Only in this way,can we avoid the conflict w…

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      Compass foreign business service center (Abbrev. Compass) is a comprehensive agency that can provide one-stop service for foreign businessmen from around the world. It’s the professional agency that get the permission to establish by Chinese government. Compass provides one-stop agency services for foreign businessmen in China- investment, purchasing, joining electronic commerce platform and marketing.
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